Hello, I’m Richard Wall, author of the novels, Fat Man Blues, Near Death, and Nicotine, Liquor, & Blasphemy, a collection of dark prose and dubious poetry.

I’m also a freelance Technical Writer and Managing Director of Black Dog Technical Writing Ltd. For more information, please take a look at my LinkedIn profile, download my CV or send me an email.

Born in England in the 1960s, I grew up in a small market town in rural Herefordshire before joining the Royal Navy. After 22 years in the submarine service and having travelled extensively, I now live and write in rural Worcestershire.

My stories reflect my life-long fascination with the dark underbelly of American culture; be it tales of the Wild West, the simmering menace of the Deep South, the poetry of Charles Bukowski, or Langston Hughes, the writing of Andrew Vachss and John Steinbeck, or the music of Charley Patton, Son House, Johnny Cash, or Tom Waits.

Hope you enjoy my website (I have an occasional blog, too). Please tell your friends…

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