Nicotine, Liquor, & Blasphemy is a collection of dark short stories and dubious poetry.

The foreword is written by my very good friend, Hull musician Andrew McLatchie, aka Half Deaf Clatch. He and I worked together on the Beelzebub Jones trilogy of supernatural spaghetti western concept albums. Clatch wrote the music and I contributed a short story for each album. These stories are contained within this collection, along with tales of rock ‘n roll retribution, fast cars, haunted Cadillacs and other stories and poems that I have amassed along the way.

Fun fact: Nicotine, Liquor, & Blasphemy is the title of the opening track to the first Beelzebub Jones album – A Good Day To Be A Bad Guy.

It’s available from Amazon in Kindle and Paperback formats, or you can order a signed copy from the Shop.
For the full user experience there is also a promo video on YouTube: