“I gave the last rites to Joseph Hickey before they took him to the electric chair.
I remember the look on his face. I remember his twisted smile as I made the sign of the cross.
And I remember wanting to kill the sonofabitch with my bare hands.”

Sing Sing Prison, 1962. Troubled prison chaplain, John Henry Beauregard, gives the last rites to Joseph Hickey, a psychopath sentenced to death for killing a young family in New York State.

After witnessing Hickey’s execution, John Henry quits his job and moves to a cabin in the Appalachian Mountains in South Carolina.

Soon after, another family is murdered in identical circumstances, and John Henry is drawn into a mystery that has devastating consequences and leads to a showdown where his life and soul are at stake.

Near Death is published by Burning Chair.

And here’s a promotional video I put together with the help of some fine friends.

Music: Soul Searching by Half Deaf Clatch. Voiceovers: Kyle Sweet and Tyler DeWayne Moore.