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Beelzebub Jones is a Gothic Americana recording project by multi award nominated UK Bluesman Andrew McClatchie, aka Half Deaf Clatch – mixing American Folk, Film Soundtrack (Spaghetti Western), Blues and other acoustic musical styles into one big macabre melting pot and seeing what comes out when it’s all cooked. The album ‘A Good Day To Be A Bad Guy’ is planned for release on 2nd April 2018, a concept album following the character Beelzebub Jones’ trail of murder, devilment and shenanigans during his last day alive on Earth, expect the unexpected!

I’m very excited to be joining this project to write a short story based on A Good Day To Be A Bad Guy’s underlying concept. Andrew sent me a brief plot synopsis, which I loved, and I’m now busy putting a story together.

Andrew and I are very excited about the possibilities this partnership opens up, although we are as yet undecided when and where to present the story. Ideas at the moment include posting on Andrew’s Blog, a PDF copy included with the album download, and/or a free edition published on Amazon.

Stay tuned.

While you’re waiting for this to be completed why not check out Andrew’s music, take a look at his Press Kit, or catch up on his blog.  You won’t regret it!