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Beelzebub Jones is a musical and literary collaboration between myself and Andrew McLatchie (aka Half Deaf Clatch). It started life as a little idea that somehow grew into a project of  epic proportions.

Musically dark and haunting, it combines Americana with Spaghetti Western style arrangements to create an atmospheric backdrop to the story of Beelzebub Jones. This is a departure from Clatch’s Acoustic Blues output, so much so that he has decided to release the album under the ‘Beelzebub Jones’ moniker, as a way of keeping both projects separate.

I became involved in the project very early on, offering to write a short story based on a synopsis of the album’s theme. In the intervening months between inception and completion Clatch and I worked together to bring the character of Beelzebub Jones to life on paper as well as lyrically, inspired by each other’s ideas – a collaboration we have both enjoyed immensely.

Andrew and I never thought this be anything more than an experimental project, so we were astonished at the number of great reviews it has received in such a short time. Spurred on by this response (no pun intended), Andrew announced plans for a trilogy, and I’m delighted to have been asked to contribute again.

Watch this space…

‘A Good Day To Be A Bad Guy’ was released on April 2nd 2018, on all Digital platforms. Limited edition CD with A5 Storybook and A3 Poster.

‘The Forsaken Territory’ was released on May 11th 2019 and is available for full digital download.

The magic happens at:

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Click on the cover to download the short story (it’s free!)

The full album can be streamed on YouTube:

Check out Andrew’s music, take a look at his Press Kit, or catch up on his blog.  You won’t regret it!