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Order your very own signed copy of Near Death, Fat Man Blues, or both! Hand signed, lovingly packed and shipped to your door.

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ND-UK £8.99 + £5 delivery

Signed copy of Near Death, dedicated to a name of your choice.


FMB-UK £9 + £5 delivery



ND-Europe £8.99 + £12 delivery

Signed copy of Near Death, dedicated to a name of your choice.


FMB-Europe £9 + £12 delivery



ND-USA £8.99 + £15 delivery

Signed paperback copy of Near Death, dedicated to a name of your choice. Y’all.


FMB-USA £9 + £15 delivery


Rest of the World

ND-ROW £8.99 + £17 delivery


FMB-ROW £9 + £17 delivery


Short Stories

Here are links to my short stories on Amazon.

Evel Knievel and The Fat Elvis Diner

In this short story, an Englishman in Oklahoma is watching a storm approaching when he receives an email on his phone. As he waits for the email to download, it causes him to reflect on his childhood in 1970’s England, his relationship with his father and the journey that brought him to the USA.

Five Pairs of Shorts

Five Pairs of Shorts is a collection of ten, 1000-word stories inspired in part by the weekly prompts of a small writing group somewhere in England:

Someday – a young man working at a filling station on a back road in Tennessee dreams of moving on.

Finding Pops McCoy – Two blues enthusiasts discover a delta-blues legend who still has the original recordings that he made in 1937.

Funny Car – A drag racer looks back on his life.

The Red Button – A simple red button causes a woman to reflect on the journey she is about to take.

First Love – A dark tale of reminiscence.

Terry Part 1 / Mickey-the-Squeeze / Right-Handed-Ronnie / Terry Part 2 – Four stories based around four London gangsters and their relationships in prison.

The Kidney Punch – High jinks aboard a nuclear submarine.

Hank Williams’ Cadillac

Vince and Stu’s road trip through Texas is cut short when Stu’s ancient Honda breaks down in the quiet town of Rambling.

Nearby is Bubba’s used-car lot, containing a collection of classic American cars. Following a bizarre encounter with a talking crow, and a deal signed in blood, Stu trades in his Honda for a powder-blue 1952 Cadillac convertible.

Back on the road, the two buddies continue their journey in style, until a series of Burma Shave road signs and an encounter in a cemetery changes things forever.