Writing Fat Man Blues was a labour of love, which has created new friendships across the world.  Here are some examples of some of the wonderful people that I have met as a direct result of my book, and the help they have given to me to promote it.

Trevor ‘Babajack’ Steger

Trevor ‘Babajack’ Steger is a Worcestershire blues musician and a genuine nice guy. Check out his debut solo album, “Sawdust Man”.

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Tone Tanner & Garrington T. Jones

Tone Tanner and Garrington T. Jones are also Worcestershire-based musicians, and equally nice guys who generously invited me to read from Fat Man Blues at a few of their gigs.

Garrington’s superb album, Abyssinia, was released in 2018. Tone will be releasing “Duels”, his new EP, sometime in 2019.

Half Deaf Clatch

Half Deaf Clatch is one of two alter egos of Hull musician Andrew McLatchie, a very talented individual and all round top chap. We are collaborating on the Beelzebub Jones Trilogy, and Clatch also narrated my dark nonsense monologue, ‘Thomas Green the Submarine.

Ran Walker

Ran Walker is one of my favourite writers, and I’m proud to call him my friend. Ran has written novels, novellas, short stories, flash fiction, microfiction, and poetry. Born in Mississippi, Ran was a great help to me, offering me advice and guidance on the finer points of the dialect of the Mississippi Delta.


Jennifer Sinquefield King lives in Mississippi, and took some very cool photographs of Fat Man Blues at historic blues venues in the Mississippi Delta.

Rita King

When fellow writer Rita King (daughter of blues legend, BB King) contacted me to wish me luck with my book, I was smiling for about a week.IMG_5272

Keith Perry

British photographer Keith Perry sent me some pictures of Fat Man Blues with a National Resonator guitar. Not just any guitar, though. This particular National once belonged to Mississippi bluesman, Booker White, who gave his guitar to Keith in the 1970s. The incredible story of Keith’s friendship with Booker is told in The Legend of Booker’s Guitar